Liberty & Prosperity: How the Saxons Created the Modern World

L and P Front CoverFBWhile writing Liberty Inherited, I came across this intriguing quote by the highly regarded nineteenth century historian John Motley.

Every schoolchild knows that the so-called revolutions of Holland, England, and America are all links of the same chain.

Written in 1854, this quote intrigued me for two reasons. The first, is that it acknowledged a part of history that was generally accepted hundred fifty years ago but is all but forgotten today. The second reason is that as I was researching liberty inherited, which makes the connection between the English and American revolutions, I kept seeing links between the Dutch and English.

This inspired me to look deeper into how those three revolutions were linked and of what chain they were all a part of. What I discovered, after five years of intense research, was an amazing story of the struggle of the common man for freedom from state tyranny. A struggle that lasted over seventeen centuries and culminated with the establishment of the United States of America. A struggle that we still fight to this very day.

Additionally, I discovered the form of governance that has and still brings liberty and prosperity to every society that embraces it. From Montesquieu to de Tocqueville, from Rousseau to Adam Smith, it has been recognized, as Thomas Jefferson said, to be

the greatest system of governance devised by the wit of man.

Known as the “Saxon system”, this form of governance evolved over the last 1700 years to be at the foundation of the freest and most prosperous nations the world has ever seen. More significantly it created the conditions needed to move mankind from the servitude and starvation of the agrarian age and into the free and prosperous modern age. No other system in the world, then or now, is capable of producing the freedom and prosperity that we take for granted today.

A freedom and prosperity we are on the verge of destroying to our ignorance of history.

Based on historical, anthropological, and archaeological records Liberty & Prosperity tells the incredible story of that struggle and how the Saxon system of government is still bringing liberty and prosperity to the common man. Additionally, you will learn how the Saxon system was the foundation of Dutch, English, and American exceptionalism, which includes the creation of a very strong and stable middle class.

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